Proof of concept

1.000 TONS

of sold&saved food!

1.000.000 PCS

of products sold&saved!

1.900 TONS

of CO₂ saved!





Optifood marketplace store in Slovenia

Selling food & beverage before the expiry date

We started our mission with a store in Slovenia, selling food & beverage before the expiry date. This concept was very well accepted by the market and from the public. In two years of trading we have achieved amazing results.

Let's Scale!

Now that we have a proven concept with such a business model, we move on!

We want to scale this model, with a platform in a digital way.

Optifood marketplace
Optifood marketplace

Introducing The Optifood Platform

Based on our research and B2B customer interviews we have found that digitalization is a must (customer support, effectiveness, traceability, security,  the flexibility of services and technologies, simplicity, transparency, …).

We got proper feedback and the problem/solution fit was confirmed.

The Challenge

Surplus food and food waste is a global and rapidly growing problem.

1.3 billion tons are wasted globally, every year!

150 million tons per year in EU – value 200 billion €.

Surplus food optifood
Delivery of unsold food products - optifood

90% of businesses worldwide have additional costs and some financial loss because of unsold food products. 

80% of surplus food in the EU is never sold.

Food waste pollutes the environment more than any other waste.


Our mission is to prevent food waste with innovative and technological solutions in food management. In this way, we provide economic optimization with environmental protection and social responsibility.


We are agents of change, and for us, every problem is just another solution and another opportunity.

Optifood mission to prevent food waste

Only if we stand together, we can solve this challenge.

So, join us and make a difference.